Creating your own Indo-Western Looks

Just as the world around us has drastically changed during the pandemic, the dynamics for Indian ethnic wear have also gone through some major changes. With the rise in environmental activism in the past few years, we have seen a drastic increase in support for authentic local businesses. We have seen everyone, from rising stars to the biggest influencers and fashion icons celebrating personal heritage and culture through clothing and jewelry. This has given an opportunity to budding designers and small businesses to give us styles rooted in tradition yet in coherence to modern day trends.
When it comes to India, we see fashion taking a sharp turn towards ‘Indo-western styles’. Be it prints, home decor or jewelry - people seem to like showing a touch of their heritage through their style. Our social media platforms are being flooded with these latest Indo-western trends and we’re here to guide you to how to make the best of them. 
One way to show off your personal style with the Indo-western trend is to mix and match clothes, jewelry  and accessories and play with it. And it’s not as complex as it sounds.

Let’s talk mixing and matching
If you think about it, a saree with a belt, or a shirt with a lehenga are styles we have all seen on our favourite celebs and influencers on Instagram. And that’s all the effort  it takes. Mix and match your ethnic clothes with belts, boots and other typically western accessories and you’ve nailed it!
Indian inspired embroidered pants with a casual black cotton tee; Denim saree with a leather belt
  • Colour blocking: Colour blocking is one of the easiest ways to create a bold look by combining two or more contrasting colours to compose an eye-catching outfit. Here are some steps to keep you on the right track:  To pair colours together in an aesthetic manner, pick your favourite color and work with the colour straight across it on the colour wheel. If you want to wear three colours, use the guide of an equilateral triangle to create a harmonious combination! 
 Inspiration for an Indo-western color block jumpsuit outfitAn all white blazer outfit with a multi coloured, India-inspired gemstone necklace from MOI
Neutral colours like white, black and nudes make colour blocking even simpler as these can be paired with any other colour in your wardrobe.
You can color block with your jewelry too, as seen in the images here.

Colour blocking with MOI jewelry - Purple Amethyst and diamond geometric
earrings with a yellow satin dress 
  • Print on print: The easiest way to style prints is to wear them with solid colours. And while the print on print looks extremely stylish when done right, it can be a little trickier to navigate through. But knowing a few tricks makes the job effortless.
    Things to keep in mind - keep something in common between all your elements to tie the whole look together. It could be a colour, a fabric or the print itself ie. you can pair mini dots with bigger polka dots like in the image below.
    Pro tip: Keep the color of your accessories or jewelry similar with the print on print style. Trying to colour block your accessories and clothes both, could lead to a confused look.
Print on print with Indian handloom and pearl necklaces from MOI; Indo-western print on print outfit inspiration. Notice how the maroon ties the whole outfit together.
  • Consistent color palette: It’s important to keep your colour palette balanced. To get this part right, either the saturation levels of your selected colours should be equal ie. all bright, all pastel etc. or you can wear different shades of the same colour like shades of beige in the image below. In this case, rely on your accessories to create the colour blocking contrast.
Black tone on tone Indian inspired outfit with leather boots; Yellow tone on tone outfit with gemstone studded handcrafted necklaces
Apart from colours, you can experiment with mixing and matching silhouettes and materials too.
  • Silhouettes: When it comes to silhouettes, a well fitting one that complements your neckline and facial angles does wonders to exude an aura of confidence. When going Indo-western, you have a plethora of opportunities such as pairing an off shoulder top with your saree or an evening dress with minimal gold and polki jewelry. Shirts on lehengas, voluminous sleeves with embroidery and cape jackets have also been making appearances as a part of interesting Indo western outfits.
 A voluminous sleeve blouse paired with layered necklaces from MOI; Sleeve silhouette inspiration for Indo-western outfits
Materials: Lastly, with the vast variety of fabrics and materials available today, we know that it can be difficult to choose! So why pick only one? With the mix and match method, you can pair two fabrics together, like a velvet kurta with linen pants and you have a casual outfit with a hint of royal! And the best part about these Indo western outfits - your individual clothing items like your linen pants or your off-shoulder blouse, can always be used for your casual, western outfits too. 
Repurposing at it’s best!
And there you have it, your very own guide to offbeat, Indo western looks.
To sum it up, colour block your kurtas with your pants and sarees with your blouse, pair print on print outfits with monotone jewelry, keep the shirt sleeves and trouser hems interesting and never forget your jewelry - it goes a long way to accentuating your outfit.