14K gold

Memories Pendant/M094

₹ 50,367

Inclusive of 3% GST

A photo is the most prime source of memories. As a pendant, it stays close to your heart, has an aesthetic appeal but it also holds stories on the inside. The MOI photo locket is worked in a silver & gold alloy with hints of pure gold embellished with rose cut diamonds and exquisite enamelling details with a green emerald at the centre.

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Gold(14K) : 2.40g
Rose-cut Diamond : 1.00 ct
Gemstone : Emerald
Other : Silver Alloy & Blue Enamel 

Note : This is a pendant - the chain is used for visual representation and is not sold by us.

A pendant to mark a moment and carry it forever, close to your heart. This piece of jewelry is nostalgic, romantic, classic and relevant. It is an everyday basic.


Note From The Designer

A close look at our techniques will show you the vintage detailing, the at-times edgy and unusual designs, and our love for a pop of color. You will notice that the designs exude some inherent “Indianness” in an otherwise contemporary design. There is a hint of nostalgia coupled with a deep layer of refinement that is reflected in what is offered.

A melange of versatile materials; grey and brown pearls, diamonds, enamel and colourful gemstones, this collection “Kaynat” reminds us of the galaxies, the starry nights, the deepest blues and blacks of the sky.


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We work with expert jewelers who use high quality and enduring materials. From precious metals, set with genuine gemstones and ethically sourced diamonds.