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"My Nizam ring has become part of my everyday luxury! Absolutely loving it each day & love is getting stronger every passing day! Can’t wait to get more pretty pieces!"

Aman Bedi Chhabra

Hyderabad, India

"Thank you so much for being a brand with vintage inspired everyday jewellery which will eventually find its place as an heirloom piece made and worn with so much love."

Pallavi Mohindra

Gurgaon, India

“I found Moi through Instagram! I’m so glad I discovered you! Each and every piece is so special and unique, and unlike a lot of other sort of contemporary or “young” jewelry brands.”

Harleen Singh

Hyderabad, India

"I’ve received the ring. It’s beautiful. I can’t thank everyone in your team enough for processing the order fast and then making all the effort to send it across to me."

Abhaya Wasu

Dehradun, India

"Happy to have found you! And happy to have my hands on it finally! And just in time for my b'day - the team at Moi did ensure that I get it for my b'day!"

Amandeep Kaur

Hyderabad, India

"I loved the designs which are inspired to highlight the feminine in every women. The styling and detailing reflect the high standards that one associates with the brand - Moi."

Mekhla Yadav

Bangalore, India

"I discovered you on Instagram. The craftsmanship and designs were so beautifully presented I guess it called for a leap in faith too. And i wasn't disappointed!"

Rakhi S Ravindran

New Delhi, India

"The simplicity of the brand is what drew my attention. The fact that few ornaments were available, each a class of its own and that the creators were authentic instilled confidence."

Suma K

Bangalore, India

"The way you dealt with my inhibition to buy fine jewellery online is what sealed my confidence. Looking forward to building my collection with Moi."

Shikha Puri

New Delhi, India

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Forever craftmanship for every day luxury.

India, the land of heritage, culture and craftsmanship has been a perennial model of inspiration for the world. Moi is inspired from the rich design and artisanal legacy that prevails in the motherland. Our India recognises art, flamboyance, the luxury of materials, and layered storytelling while placing it firmly in the NOW.

From the leaves of the designer’s sketchbook, after multiple trials and iterations, each design is brought to life by the magic in the hands of our master artisans.

As women ourselves, who work, travel, bring up families, entertain, educate, and live life fully, our quest for well-designed fine jewelry always leads us back to our essentials. We want you to wear your Moi everyday, to know that its value is for a lifetime but its pleasures are daily. Moi is to mark a moment, to wear every moment, to keep for yourself and to gift to your mother, sister, daughter and friend.
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