moi muse

anjali batra

class of 2018, #forbes30under30
moi muse

anjali batra

class of 2018, #forbes30under30

she introduces herself as an avid curator of dining experiences and founder of Food Talk India, and has a super soft-spot for her grand mother's jewelry- that she admits to have politely stolen.
The beach and a yoga mat - is her vibe!

M - What would you steal if you had to take one thing from your mom’s wardrobe?

A - If I had to take one thing away from my mom's jewelry collection, it’s something that I've actually already stolen. It is a beautiful necklace with an embossed logo in it that was my grandmother’s, that she had back when she was staying in Burma.

M - What’s your favourite category of jewelry?

A - Oh, earrings definitely. I think they are such a beautiful style statement. And something about it just makes you feel so elegant. And I don't know, it's just a little sparkle in your ears.

M - What’s your favourite travel destination?

A - My favorite destination is anything with a beach! I love the water. I could live on the seaside for days. I'm not into mountain sports. A beach, a yoga mat and I'm happy there.

M -What do you want to learn?

A - I really wish I knew how to cycle! I am probably the only 30 year old in Delhi who does not know how to cycle. So for that reason, I would love to know how to cycle. I would love to know how to cook as well.

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