14K gold

Hyderabad Earrings/M143

₹ 89,610

Inclusive of 3% GST

Our unmistakable identity, our signature colors and the artisanal skills that come into play when reviving an old technique is what this design stands for! The iconic Indian crescent motif worked in gold embellished with rose cut diamonds using a vintage setting technique native to Hyderabad, these earrings are finished delicately with uncut diamond units interspersed with natural gemstones like hessonites, agates and tourmalines.
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Gold(14K): 8.07g
Rose-cut Diamond: 1.30ct
Gemstones : Emerald, Hessonite, Chinese Cultured Pearls, Spinel, Agate
This design uses natural gemstone tumbles as drops. Tumbled gemstones are untreated  and therefore may exhibit internal and external inclusions. Read more here

Note : These earrings may fit differently depending on your ear type.

Rose-cut Diamonds may have inclusions, blemishes and colour variations. These are natural and may be noticeable due to high transparency of the diamond.
Like wabi-sabi, these irregularities add a distinctive appeal to this piece. Read more here

A mini heirloom, your go to piece of jewelry to pair with an Indian attire or a quirky element to add to that monotone silk outfit, this piece can be everything! Style it with any statement simple ensemble and let it speak.


Note From The Designer

A melange of classic Indian motifs, gemstones and old school craftsmanship, Khoob, brings forth our love for colors. Inspired by the India that Moi knows. It is not the land of kitsch and over the top embellishment. Our India recognizes craftsmanship, flamboyance/or luxury of materials, and layered storytelling while placing it firmly in the now. The collection is designed keeping in mind the appeal of the heirloom jewelry passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers, the vintage charm and eye to detail is what we have strived to achieve here.


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